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Our Storage Service

With a climate-controlled building, business owners, homeowners, and renters can affordably take advantage of All In Movers’ large storage facility services. Looking to store equipment, furniture, clothes, suitcases, books, CDs, electronics, computers, musical instruments, video games, or vinyl records? All In Movers has you covered!
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storage for business

Winston-Salem, Greensboro, Highpoint, and the broader Triad community’s All In Movers have business storage units that are ideal for retailers, manufacturers, sales reps, and all types of business owners. Too often, there’s just not enough space at your business or office, we understand. Whether you need a small storage unit for business supplies, a large unit for equipment and retail inventory, or anything in between, All In Movers has you covered.

storage for homes

With self-storage, there’s no limit to the amount of additional space you can create for many of your household belongings, keepsakes, or seldom-used tools. All In Movers has storage space for all needs. You don’t worry about stopping at the store before you get here either. All In Movers offer tape, boxes, and packing supplies for purchase right in our Winston-Salem location. Security features include 24-hour video recordings and a climate-controlled environment.

dock level warehouse

All In Movers provide a large, convenient, and open truck-level dock with ample warehouse space for storage. These facilities encompass a great deal of square footage with a variety of sizes so you can rest assured, regardless of your needs, there’s something for everyone. Drive-up access makes it simple for you to store your business or home’s items. All In Movers also offer flexible lease terms such as month-to-month for your temporary storage or long-term storage needs.

Climate Controlled

Temperature-sensitive inventory, belongings, and records include tax documents and medical files as well as computers and other types of electronics. Everyone likes to have a choice and here in Winston-Salem, All In Movers is pleased to offer you a wide variety of storage units, which include indoor climate-controlled units featuring a covered loading and unloading bay, ample lighting, and wide hallways.

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How It Works

All In Movers Is Able to Pick Up Heavy, Bulky Items, Safely Transporting and Storing Them in Our Storage Facility.


Scheduling Your Move

If they don’t close your home on time, All In Movers moves your furniture into storage. Move your items into our storage and get the peace of mind you deserve.

cheap storage

Our storage fees are less expensive than conventional storage in the Winston-Salem area.

Storage facility

All In Movers provide safe, secure storage so you can move your heavy items and don’t need to part ways with items you don’t have an immediate use for.


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